Saturday, 10 December 2016

Cleaning Off the Paint Table: SNOOOOW!!!!

Hello all!

Well snows finally here (for where I am living at any rate). As a result I have had plenty of excuses to not go outside, and plenty of reasons to paint!  So to continue my "Get this crap off my paint table" extravaganza I give you more Age of Sigmar!

So I finished painting up some units for AoS.  The first are the Tomb King horse archers and the rest are Ogres for my Gutbuster force.  I know what your thinking, more Ogres?!?  and the answer to that is yes...always yes.

I managed to get a few from Ebay and putting together 1000pts of ogres for Age of Sigmar is cheap and easy.  Especially since I had a few Ogres left over from my 9th Age Ogre force.  I hope to get the unit of 6 done soon.  In the mean time lets see what else I have on my plate.

Next up!  Dunedain!  I have these three based and partially painted, just need to get them finished up (hopefully this weekend).  In addition I am continuing to get my Conan Kickstarter ready for a painting Extravaganza!

Got to let the glue dry and then I can get to base coating them...probably will need to buy more spray paint.

Until later,


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Cleaning Off the Paint Table: Getting Kinda Lazy

Hello Everyone!

Okay, I didn't get much done this week as it was crazy!  One of the reasons for that is that I finally received my Kickstarter after being a year late.

Yeah Conan!

So I am not really planning on starting this until the new year.  What I am planning on doing however is getting the minis in the box based and base coated and ready to go.  There are quite a few minis in this game and the King pledge means I have two whole boxes of them.  So I think I'll focus on just one box for now.

In the mean time the endless paint war continues...

Until next time!


Saturday, 19 November 2016

Cleaning Off the Paint Table: The Fighting Uruk-Hai!

Hello once again all!

So I'm back once more with more of the minis I'm trying to get done and off my "to do" list.  This week I finished up some old Uruk-Hai Scouts I had been working on earlier this year.  If you recall my "Fellowship of the Ring" posts, where I try and get all the old Lord of the Rings Minis together to run the campaign.  I finally finished the last group I had started!

So here we have two bow wielding Uruks and, of course, Lurtz!  Sorry if the pics look a bit shiny, I had just finished giving them one last ink wash and I hadn't dull coated them yet.  That's three more minis I can eliminate from my pile (yay!).

Next up, a continuation of my Tomb Kings AoS army:

I had already started on them when I forgot I hadn't taken a picture yet.  For the first time in a long while I'm going to try and batch paint these bad boys.  I'll make a note that I hate batch painting. It's something I came to loathe after putting together something close to 150 Empire foot soldiers.  I'm going to try for this one however.

Wish me luck!


Friday, 11 November 2016

Cleaning Off the Paint Table: Getting the Hard stuff Done

Hello once again all!

So I'm back once more to show you what I managed to get done this week.  So without further ado!

Behold my terrible picture taking and weep!

I've honestly been dreading painting these models for a long time which is why I decided to just go do them.  I wasn't sure how to get a decent colour scheme for them as both the Elf and Dwarf were very "busy" models.  In the end both these D&D characters came out okay far better then I expected.  The Troll was more a case of not being sure how to paint a Stone Troll, but I like to think he came out okay.

So no on to my next bit of painting:

My fighting Uruk-Hai!


Friday, 4 November 2016

Cleaning Off the Paint Table: Episode 1, The Phantom Paintbrush

Hello Everyone!

Well I have finished up my terrain project (for now) and decided to dedicate the month of November to cleaning up my paint table.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I have a tendency to get a bunch of models base coated with the plan of painting them, only to not actually paint them...

That changes now!

So my plan it to just go through the models I have lying around (Literally, they are all just lying around) and paint through them regardless of army project.

So with that in mind, lets take a look at the paint table!

Okay so going in order we have Prince Apophas (who I already showed you last update). The spider is from Battle For Skull Pass set that I cut up, re-positioned, and painted as a Phase Spider.  He's mostly for D&D, or a Frost Spider for Frostgrave.

The Stormcast I got as a spare miniature from the "Start Collecting" magazine that came out a few months ago. I painted him up to look like one of the Hallowed Knights, who frankly have the best colour scheme. Lastly the Orc...well he's a test model for my Orc and Goblin army.  Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest done soon!

Now to show what I have next on my paint table!

Just a taste of whats next, stay tuned!


Friday, 28 October 2016

Project Battlefield: Phase 1 Complete

Hello Everyone!

It is done!  The three terrain pieces I wanted off my paint table are finally done.  Here's the last of them:

The Eternity stair is complete!  That`s the last of the full GW kits I had lying around waiting to get painted.  So here are all three kits I finished in all their glory:

Sorry for the quality of the photo...I honestly need to make a proper picture taking station.  I have really bad lighting in my apartment.

Now I'm calling this portion of my Terrain project done for now.  I have a few extra bits from kits that I bought off Ebay.  Mostly stuff from the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and a few pieces from a Garden of Morr kit.  I have a bunch of ideas I want to get to work on but I also want to clear off my paint table.  So without further ado...

Prince Apophas for my AoS Project "The Breaking of the Averholme."   Now that I have my Characters out of the way I must focus on troops, but I got to clear my paint table first!

Wish me luck,


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Project Battlefield: Works in Progress

Hello Everyone!

So I haven't been able to get much painted in the last two weeks and it is all my fault.  You see, as I get older I cannot seem to come to the understanding that I cannot dive and roll while playing sports as well as I could when I was younger.  I have been taught this lesson multiple times in the last few years but it never seem to stick.

As a result I dislocated my arm....again....for the 5th time.

So while it is healing I though I would put together a Battle Report!....or at least I planned on that.

It was just a 1000 point game of 9th Age, Goblins Vs Ogres. (As can be seen above) My Goblins are only half done but they were done enough that I figured I could give them a test run against the Hard hitting Ogres.  I thought MAYBE my Ogres would get their first win as I didn't see the Goblins having much of a chance against my hard hitting Ogres.

That is until the above happened.  Ogres really need to get the charge off and, as we can see, being triple charge by a Wolf Chariot, a Scrap Wagon and a block of 30 Goblins is just too much even for the Ogres.  The game was over by turn two as the Giant on the right also ran down the Yetis.

So no Battle Report this week as it would probably be the most boring battle report ever.  I hope to have a rematch soon though, so be ready for it!

In the meantime I thought I'd share something I just got in the mail:

Man I can't wait to get to work on this.  I've been looking for more things to do with my Bones Miniatures and I figured I'd go through the Monster Table and paint them up for a "maybe" Frostgrave campaign in the near future (Once I finish my Terrain that is).

That's it for now!  I'll update again soon.


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Project Battlefield: The Forests of the Averholme

Hello again all!

So I'm back with an update on my Terrain project.  Despite my sickness over the weekend I managed to finish up the last two trees on my painting table.  I also managed to get them magnetized to the base to help prevent the trees from falling all over the place....mind you it can still happen with a significant bump, but I still call it a rousing success!

So here it is in all it's glory:

They came out far better then I had expected and I'm happy enough with the results I might just get another set.  Mind you that will only be after I finish up all the other stuff I have lying around.

So now for my next work in progress!

It's all put together and ready for a base coat.  I will probably keep the paint job simple like with what I did to the Dreadfire Portal.  I'm on a roll now!  Hopefully I can even get it done by next week.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Project Battlefield: Work in Progress

Hey all!

So I'm continuing my plan of getting terrain painted up and ready to play.  So I decided to show you my current work in progress as I make my way down the list of unpainted terrain.

So I completed one of the trees for the citadel woods.  I had completed the base for it last year but never got around to the trees themselves.  I honestly dreaded painting them but after putting brush to model it didn't turn out as bad as I had thought.  So one is done and I have two more to go!

I also thought I'd show you some Bones minis I have painted recently.  I decided to focus on all the undead minis I have first as a general theme.  Here's what I've painted so far:

A ghost, a ghast and a skeleton all done.  They look very rough in this picture but they actually came out pretty good for how quick I painted them up.  I'll probably give them a once over just to even them out but they are mostly done.  Next up will be a few more skeletons once I get them all based and ready to go.

Thats it for now!


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Project Battlefield

Hello again all!

So I decided to take on a different project this time.  I've been slowly building up terrain so I have a cache of things I can use to play anything really.  You've seen some of it here on my battle report (another coming soon!)  But right now I'll show you a finished piece of my new fall project.

Here above we see GW's Eternity Stair I bought last year.  On it's own it's not much of a piece, so I decided to prop it up on some polystyrene with an MDF base.

Here we have the final product:

I think it makes it a much more imposing piece of terrain I can use for 9th Age, Kings of War, AoS Frostgrave....anything!

So now I'm off to work on my next terrain piece as I also prepare some minis for D&D as well.  Stay tuned!


Sunday, 28 August 2016

**Summer Update** - The Darkest Dungeon - Completed!

Hey Everyone!

So I'm back with the final summer update! I've been busy mostly enjoying summer and now the warmth will slowly begin to leave I must prepare a new project.  I'll be getting back to that once I get back to more regular updates.  In the meantime lets take a look at my finished Dungeon Tiles:

I completed the above about 3 weeks ago but I never got around to posting them, mostly because I had started on the next group:

The other two boxes!  The original pledge I gave was for two of the core packages and two of the add-ons.  Now I didn't paint the piles of gold or the barrels that came as extras because I want to put together a bunch of dungeon terrain to go with them.  That may be another side project to my main one, but for now lets take a look at a completed dungeon!

This is me trying to recreate one of the dungeons from HEROQUEST! using my Dungeon Tiles (I expanded it a little with my own take on the Dungeon.  Apparently there is a way to make the entire board using Dungeon tiles (Do I dare buy more?  We shall See!).

And here above we see a (poor) picture of  an expanded dungeon using my minis.  I REALLY need to get some dungeon terrain....

Anyway, that's all for now.  Hope to be back with regular updates soon.


Thursday, 21 July 2016

**Summer Update** - The Darkest Dungeon - D&D

Hello Everyone!

So its been a busy summer!  I'll admit, I've been playing quite a bit of Pokemon Go (I live on a Pokestop/Gym so go me!).  I have also recently found out that Reaper is working on another Kickstarter!

Reaper Dungeon Kickstarter

I skipped the last two Kickstarters, but this one I plan on getting.  Although I have a slight problem in that I have several boxes of Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles lying around that I haven't painted yet.  So I decided to get going on that to clear off some stuff in anticipation of the new Kickstarter!  So without further ado...

Above is one set of the Dwarven Forge Dungeon (populated by a few of my minis).  Now I have one more set like this, two more of the add-ons that came with the Kickstarter.  As well as the Dwarven Forge Cavern Kickstarter as well (2 regular sets and two Add-ons).

It is quick and easy to paint so I hope to get more done this weekend so I can begin working on some Bones minis to populate this dungeon.

Stay tuned!

- Commodus

Sunday, 10 July 2016

March of the Averholme: A 9th Age Battle Report

Hello everyone!
So here we are with the Battle Report I promised you.  Now this is another learning game so I am playing against myself in an attempt to teach myself all the rules of 9th Age.  This time the battle will be 2000pts, as was mentioned in my previous post this is a Classic Deployment with Hold the ground secondary objective.  So here’s the army lists and deployment:

Ogre Shaman – Level 4, path of Butchery, Rottenjaw and Daemon Heart
Ogre Khan – Battle Standard Bearer, Greatweapon, Armour of Destiny.
Ogre Tribesmen x14 – Full Command, Extra Handweapon and Heavy armour
Ogre Bruisers x 8 – Full Command, Flaming Standard
Ogre Bombadiers x 6
Sabretooth Tiger
Yetis x 3
Slave Giant

Marshal – Seasoned general, Charm of Cursed Iron, Mithril Mail, Great Weapon
Captain – Battle Standard Bearer, Blessed Armour of Frederick the Great, Great Weapon
Preacher – Barded warhorse, Great Weapon and Shield
Electoral Calvary x 6 – Musician, Lance and shield
Heavy Infantry x 50 – Full Command, Halberds
Light Infantry x 10 – Crossbows
Artillery – Cannon
Imperial Guard x 30 – Full Command, Great Weapon
Imperial Rangers x 10
Knightly Orders x 11 – Full Command, Lance and Shield
Steam Tank

 Ogres won first turn so lets get to it!


The Yetis on the flank charge the Electoral Knights, the knights hold. (NOTE: I now realize this was an illegal charge.  Illustrates how this battle report is still a learning experience)

The rest of the line marches up except the Scratapult on the hill, which holds, and the Bombadiers, who only move up 6".

Roll 3 for magic dice and manage to get off Marrow Drinker making the Tribesmen stubborn.
Ogre Bombadiers shoot the Imperial Guard and manage 6 Wounds.  The Scratapult hit the Imperial Knights on the flank and manage no wounds.

The Electoral Cavalry pass their fear test.  The Yetis hit first and cause 4 wounds, the knights do no wounds back.  Cavalry fail their break test and flee off the board and the yetis elected to pursue them.

  End of Ogre Turn 1:

Marshal gives order to Brace for Impact to the halberds.  The Captain gives On the Double to the Imperial Guard.

The Imperial Guard charge the Giant and fail the charge.  The Halberds charge the Tribesmen who elect to hold.  The halberds fail the charge as well.  In the compulsory movement phase the Steam Tank manages to charge the Tribesmen who pass their terror test.

The knights move up on the flank while the remaining shooting units hold position.

9 dice to 6 the Preacher only manages to get off Sunna's Blessing, the other spells were dispelled by the Shaman.
The Crossbowmen shoot at the Sabretooth Tiger causing 1 wound. The Imperial Rangers shoot at the Bruisers and cause 1 wound as well.  The Cannon fired on the Giant and managed 4 wounds.
The Khan Battle Standard made way (although I didn't move him in the unit that banner does not rank up well).  The Steam Tank did 4 wounds with it's grind attacks and 2 with it's Steam Gun.  The Ogre Tribesmen fail to wound back but the BSB managed 2 wounds with it's great weapon.  The Ogres lose by 3 but are stubborn and pass their break test.

The Sabretooth Tiger and the Bruisers both charge the Cannon.  The Tiger mages the charge while the Bruisers fail.  The Giant moves back a few inches to keep out of range of the Imperial Guard.  The Scratapult moves down the hill to threaten the Knights.  The Yetis turn to threaten the rear of the Empire battle line, and the Bombadiers move up to threaten the Imperial Guard.
11 dice to 6, the Ogre Great Shaman first trys to draw out dice by casting Brain Slurper on the halberds and fails to cast, and thus losing focus.  Then trys to cast Marrow Drinker which succeeds Irresistibly, on the Tribesmen and manages to cause no wounds to the Shaman.  However this drains the remaining dice and the magic phase ends.

The Bombadiers shoot the Imperial Guard and manage 7 wounds, the Guard pass their panic check.  The Scratapult shoots at the Knights once more with a direct hit.  The Preacher fails his Look Out Sir and is killed with a Killing Blow.  The Scratapult also manages to Killing Blow 3 other knights, they promptly panicked and fled.
The Sabretooth Tiger eats two of the Cannon crew, breaks and destroys them.  The Tiger overruns off the board.  The Steam Tank throws all its attacks into the Khan BSB and fails to wound.  The Ogre Tribesmen fail to wound it back but the Khan manages another two wounds.  The STeam Tank loses combat but is Unbreakable.

The Marshal and the Captain eat give their respective units Brace for Impact orders.   

The Halberds charge the Tribesmen and make it.  The Imperial Guard charge the Bombadiers who stand and shoot but fail to wound.  The Knights on the flank rally and turn to face the Scratapult.

No Magic as the Preacher is now dead.
The Crossbowmen and the Imperial Rangers both shoot at the Bruisers and each manages a wound finishing off an Ogre.

The Imperial Guard take 3 wounds from the Bombadiers but the Guard manage 11 wounds back.  The Bombadiers break but the Guard choose to restrain and turn to face the Giant.

The Marshal challenges to try and get the Khan off of the Steam Tank but the Tribesmen champion accepts.  The Champion manages to get 2 wounds through while the Marshal does 1 in return.  The Great Shaman activated his Rottenaw, all the Ogres now have poison.  The Halberds manage 10 wounds, the Steam Tank manages one wound on the Khan BSB.  The Ogres attack back and manage 9 wounds while the BSB only does 1 wound to the Steam Tank this turn.  The Ogres lose combat but hold due to still being stubborn from Marrow Drinker.


The Scratapult charges the Knightly Order who hold.  The Giant charges into the Halberds already engaged.  The Bruisers charge the Crossbowmen who stand and shoot but cause no wounds.  The Bombadiers rally and turn the face the Imperial Guard, while the Tiger returns from the board edge and marches up next to the Crossbowmen.  The Yetis march forward behind the Empire battle line.
5 dice to 4, the Great shaman gets off Entrail Gorger but has Marrow Drinker dispelled.

No shooting this turn.
The Scratapult manages only 3 wounds with it's combined Impact hits and attacks while the knights manage to cause 3 back.  The combat is tied but the Knights have a musician.  The Scratapult breaks from combat and the Knights pursue and catch them.
The Crossbowmen managed to inflict two wounds on the Bruisers before being crushed to death with a total of 12 wounds.  The unit was wiped out and the Ogre reformed to face the flank of the Halberds.

The large battle in the center of the table began with the Empire passing their fear test.  The Marshal survived the Champions 5 attacks (with a lucky roll of triple 6's for the armour saves) and managed to slay the Ogre champion winning the challenge.  The Halberds manage to put two wound on the Giant killing it, but not before the Giant hit back.  The rest of the halberds manage to put 6 wounds on the Ogres but the Ogre hit back and killed a total of 21 Halberdiers (when combined with the Giant kills).  The steam tank once again failed to wound the BSB but he managed to put another wound on the Steam Tank.  The Empire loses combat but is steadfast and passes their break check.

Both units get issued the Steady, Men! order.

The Imperial Guard charge the flank of the Tribesmen.  The KNights and the Huntsmen both move up to threaten the Bruisers and Tribesmen.

No Magic
The Imperial Rangers put two wounds on the Bruisers, killing one.
The Great Shaman makes way and challenges.  The Imperial Guard Champion accepts and is immediately pasted but the Great Shaman.  The Ogres get reduced to the Standard bearer and only cause 3 wounds back.  The Khan BSB does manage to finally kill the Steam tank.  However it is too late as they break from combat and are caught and destroyed by the Imperial Guard.


The Yetis charge the flank of the Halberds who promptly decide to flee.  The Tiger move forward to block the Knights while the Bruisers turn to threaten the Knights.  The Bombadiers turn to shoot the Imperial Guard.
No Magic
Bombadiers manage 3 wound on the Imperial Guard failing to cause a panic.

No combat

Captain BSB gives On the Double order to the Imperial Guard.

The Knights charge the Sabretooth Tiger while the Halberds reform and the Imperial Guard swift reform to face the Yetis.

No magic.

The Imperial Ranger cause 1 wound on Bruisers.

The Knights kill the Tiger and reform the face the Bruisers.


The Bruisers charge the Knights who elect to flee, they try to redirect into the Imperial Guard but fail the charge.  The Yetis and the Bombadiers both charge the Imperial Guard who elect to hold.

No shooting

No Shooting
The Imperial Guard pass their fear test.  The Guard throw all their attacks into the Yetis while the Ogres and Yetis manage no wounds on the Guard.  The guard win and break the Yetis but the Bombadiers hold.  The Guard turn their facing.

The Marshal orders Brace for Impact on the Halberds while the Captain give the Steady, Men! order. 

Halberdiers charge the Bombadiers in the flank, the Knights rally and the Rangers move up to keep harassing the Bruisers.

No Magic
Rangers cause 2 wounds on the Bruisers
Ogre do manage to kill 3 Imperial Guard but not before being being reduced to 1 wound.  The last Bombadier breaks and runs, both units elect to hold and reform to meet the Bruisers.


One last chance for glory and maybe winning if they can hold the center of the board.  The Bruisers charge the Imperial Guard who hold.  The Yetis rally but the Bombadier keeps running.
Neither of those left
The Ogre champion challenges and the Captain accepts, each manages a wound on the other.  The Ogres manage to wipe out the Guard but not before receiving 2 wounds in return.  Bruisers win combat but the Captain BSB holds.
The Marshal orders Brace for Impact on the Halberdiers.
Halberds charge the Bruisers.  The Knights move up to contest the center of the board while the rangers do the same.

No magic
The Rangers fire on the Yetis and cause 2 wounds killing one and panicking the other.
The Challenge continues and the Captain BSB is killed by the Bruiser champion, the captain causes no wounds back before he dies.  The Halberdiers lead by the Marshal however cause 6 wounds, the Ogres lose combat and break.  They manage to get away as the remaining units surround the objective on the center of the board.

Battle Result:
Massacre Victory for the forces of the Averholme!
Well that game sure did take a hard swing against the Ogres there but I'd say they able to hold there own.  That is twice that I managed to route the Ogres with my Empire.  Might have to change up how I deploy the Ogres but I'm still glad how it performed.

Hope you all enjoyed that, until next time!