Thursday, 25 February 2016

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 14

Hey all!

To hell with this thing, I hate it SOOOOO much!  But it's done, so thank god for that.

The Scraplauncher is done!  May I never paint another one of these things again, it was painful and a horrible slog.  I know I prefer the older metal minis but this is definitely an exception....and I've put together two Hydras.

Now for the home stretch, the end of the line.  Only Two Characters left and here's one of them

I hope to get him done maaaaybe tomorrow? I'm not sure it really depends on how committed I am to truly finishing this army by the end of the month.  Stay tuned!


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 13

Hello Everyone!

Ironguts are done!  As well as their movement tray.  All that is left is to finish magnetizing the bases and putting on some purity sealer.  For now here's Ogres!

And here's the whole unit!

I had painted the other Ironguts about three years ago.  Three years in which I delayed buying the bits I needed until the last possible minute, when they were at their most expensive.  Procrastination is a bitch that way I guess.

Hey want to see a crappy picture of them?

As you can see this unit continues to use old OOP Metal Ogres to fill out the unit.  I had initially planned on using all the old Ogres to fill out a large unit of Golfag's Mercenary Ogres for a Dogs of War army.  Seeing as how getting the last bits I would need now doesn't really seem very probable, making a whole Ogre Army instead seemed like a great alternative!

Until I got to THIS

I'm making progress but UGGGG I dislike painting this.  Fortunately I only ever have to do this once.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 12

Hey all!

Okay I actually am currently working on the Scraplauncher but I thought I'd throw up a quick WIP picture for my Ironguts so....

Also given that I was totally occupied over the weekend and didn't even notice it happening I thought I'd like to take this Moment to say Goodbye to the Tomb Kings as a faction in Warhammer.  The entire line went to "Last Chance to Buy" and I completely missed it until late on Sunday night.  By then the minis I would have wanted to grab were gone, and the relatively cheap ones on Ebay were gone to.

These are the only two Tomb King minis I have, the mummy is not technically Tomb Kings it was the precursor to it so...lets not get technical.  The point is I always loved the line even though I didn't play the army, so in tribute I will be painting these two and finding a way to add them to my D&D campaign so I can get some use out of, at the end of all things.


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 11

Hello all!

Happy Valentines to all you people who, unlike me, are not single and not spending their day painting Ogres!  (I actually WAS planning on doing something today less pathetic but I looked at the temperature and, terrible Canadian that I am, recoiled in horror).

Anyway enough about me, IT'S OGRE TIME!

Continuing my plan to get this army done I present you with two models I had put together with the plans of completing.  My Irongut musician (Or Bellower to be more accurate) as well as a Reaper Bones mini I decided I wanted to paint up.

And here they are!  I have to do a bit of tidying up on the Ogre (Ink wash the horn and maybe fix up the base a bit) but he is pretty much done.

Next up on the painting block:

I might even be able to get this done today!  Hooray hostile weather!


Monday, 8 February 2016

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 10

Hello all!

Here for another update on the vast Hordes of the Ogre Kingdoms.  So to start...remember these guys?

Well after about...a few months they are finally finished!  Here we have the unit champion (along with the conversion I hinted at all those months ago.

So here we have the whole unit of 6 Leadbelchers, all magnetized and their based movement tray as well.

So here it is my first fully completed unit for my Ogre army.  Next up on my list,  my Ironguts thats have been in an almost completed state for the last 3 years.  Now time to get them done.  I REALLY hope to get this army done by the end of the month.  All that is left is two more Ironguts, a Battle Standard Bearer, a Tyrant and the last of a Scraplauncher.

Wish me luck!


Monday, 1 February 2016

The Breaking of the Averholme: Age of Sigmar

Hello Everybody!

Okay. I haven't had an opportunity to really talk about the end of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Age of Sigmar.  That's most because I have been trying to stay positive and not feel like I wasted a (Significant) amount of money on models I can no longer use.

Mind you this has led me to finally break whatever "loyalty" I had to GW and venture out to really check out other companies and try and incorporate them into my armies.  Mind you those are all projects I will probably only get to at a later date.  For now I'm going to focus on the Elephant in the room, Age of Sigmar!

Now, for starters I'd just like to say:

1) I'm not a super fan of Age of Sigmar
2) I don't hate Age of Sigmar

I get why GW did what they did, Fantasy Battle was not making as much money as they would have liked and certainly was not growing.  Now I personally would have done something similar to what they did with AoS,  wreck the Old World with the End Times, but don't actually end the world.  Push the time ahead a thousand years or so, reconfigure the armies and alliances for more customization.  Make armies smaller so one box of soldiers could make a unit.  Stuff to really shake things up....mind you I would have also put together a huge 400 page tome with updated rules, all the Army Books in one large volume and called it Warhammer: The End and told all the veterans so long! (and thanks for all the fish)....but I'm not a CEO so ignore me I guess.

That being said I decided to try and put together a small AoS force using models I have lying around with no real intention of using.  So without further ado....

A Celestial Wizard on a horse and one Reaper Miniature for my D&D Campaign.  The plan for my AoS force is a somewhat remnant force of Free Peoples and Dwarfs living around the Averholme....

What is the Averholme?  Well stay tuned for more and find out!