Monday, 27 February 2017

Heroes Inc: D&D Painting Adventure!

Hey Everyone!

So my current D&D campaign is winding down and my gaming group is finally off to the finally.  So I better get my ass in gear and get the models painted up!

Not to get into to much detail (You don't need me to go into a lore rant about the world I created) but a fellow by the name of Ashis Golgoth, a pretty nasty Fire Giant, has gotten his hands on a Pool of Radiance.  He's using it to cause all kinds of mischief, namely tearing apart the Planes by shifting them around so the Elemental Plane of fire sits among the outer planes of the gods.

Nasty stuff....but there is a band of adventures on their way to deal with the issue....Heroes Inc! (not actually incorporated).  So I'm currently working on painting Ashis and his without further ado:

Behold my terrible picture taking!  (I need a proper picture box...must work on one).  

Here they are, the final bosses of my year long D&D campaign.  Gaze upon my terrible attempt at Lava and the horrible blending on the blade.  Actually they came out better then I thought.  Which is good!  Because I have other stuff I got on my desk that I have to get done as soon as I can.  But more on that later, for now enjoy some Giants!

Bye for now.


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ogres of the Averholme: January Complete!

Hello Everyone!

So I'm back with a quick update on what I've been working on.  As I mentioned in my last post I want to get some AoS models painted up and ready to play with!  So here they are:

So my model count for the month of January is....four. One of which is just a token for D&D mostly. I have two old, OOP metal models in the mix.  An old Ogre and that I will be using as a Gutbuster champion/Random Ogre encounter in D&D.  The other is the old Blood Bowl Morg N'Thorg mini that I bought to fill out whatever Ogre unit I needed him for.  In this case, my Gutbusters!  The bonus being that I can use him for Blood Bowl too, should I ever get around to getting the new set.

Here's the completed Age of Sigmar unit:

One unit down!  I have 6 Ironguts, 3 Leadbelchers and a Tyrant left to purchase and paint.  Now part of the reason I'm painting these minis is for utility.  I want to use them in as many games as possible. So with that in mind...

A movement try!  I got it painted up and magnetized as well.  The whole thing came out great!  The surface area takes up about as much space as my 3x3 movement try I use for my 9th Age Ogres. Because of that I can use these guys for AoS, 9th Age, Kings of War...anything!

Well now that January is done I need a painting goal for February.  So far my goal is "Paint more then January" wish me luck!

- Commodus